2017 was a great year for music! I can honestly say I enjoyed many of the hip hop/rap and R&B albums. From Migos “Culture” Album (BANGER) to Tank’s “Savage” Album (DEFINITELY A BANGER!) music made me extremely happy last year. Though there was so much amazing music in my Apple Music library, there were two artists that I had on constant repeat at least 4 times a week: H.E.R. and dvsn (pronounced ‘division’ * from my understanding…I could be wrong*.  Chile. Okay. Let me tell you something about these albums of pure artistry and vocals!

H.E.R. is a young female VOCALIST who is known for her melodic, sensual songs (equipped with no cursing) that literally has the best vibe on the planet. She’s also infamous for not showing her entire face so she wears sunglasses during all her performances. Her album covers are just silhouettes of her body.  I get lost in H.E.R.’s voice. The first time I heard of H.E.R. was on Pandora. I always listen to Pandora while I’m at work and any time I hear an artist I don’t know, I skip it because I’m not in the mood, at work, to listen to a new artist. I have to be able to pay attention to a new artist so I can determine if I enjoy their music or not. ANYWHO, I’m getting ready to hit that handy-dandy skip button when “Focus” by H.E.R. comes on. It caught me. And as soon as  I heard her sing the first word, “Me” I was hooked. That song was everything. I went on my Apple Music and found her H.E.R. Vol. 1 (released in 2016) project and decided to give it a listen. Let me tell you something, that album can be listened to ALL THE WAY THROUGH! I got a chance to see her in concert in November 2017 and she was flawless. She can sing live and play the piano. I got to see her again before the new year and again, flawless performance.

After I listened to H.E.R Vol. 1 and learned every last word, I saw that she dropped H.E.R Vol. 2 and when I tell you I freaked out! H.E.R Vol. 2 definitely did not disappoint me either. From “Every Kind of Way” to “Lights On” H.E.R. did WHAT? That. H.E.R. did THAT! She has since combined H.E.R Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 into just “H.E.R.” with a number of new tracks. I give H.E.R. 5/5 stars.

OVO Sound’s very own, dvsn, also should not have been slept on in 2017. The first time I heard dvsn was on Drake’s Views album on the song “Faithful” featuring Pimp C and dvsn. Contrary to popular believe, dvsn is not a soloist. Dvsn is a Canadian based group featuring singer, Daniel Daley and producer/song writer Nineteen85. (All of my sources are wikipedia! Lol and since I am not academic writing I am perfectly fine with citing wikipedia on here.) Their first album “Sept. 5th” (released in 2016) is pure FIRE. Daniel’s voice, honey. That is definitely a project that I can listen to straight through and then start it over. My favorite song on Sept. 5th is “Try/Effortless”. It just is. Their 2017 follow up album “Morning After” did not disappoint! Run Away sets the tone right into Nuh Time/Tek Time all the way to the ending with Conversations in a Diner. Each song flow effortlessly into the next. I get the pleasure of seeing them in concert in February. I give 5/5 stars to dvsn.

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