Hey yall! Happy Black History Month!

Welcome back to those who have been supporting me since my launch last month! Welcome to those who may be joining me for the first time! Thanks so much for your support. I wanted to begin providing a “Start Here” post so it will be easier to navigate the posts and the site, in general. Follow the flow below!

First, I want to acknowledge the type of feedback I received from my launch last month. I think it’s important as a growing writer to take in all of the feedback to help you grow as a person. About 99% of the feedback I received was very supportive and positive. People sent me personal text messages, Facebook posts, Snapchat DMs, etc. to rain praises of encouragement to me. I cried. I’m a cryer in general but I was so nervous to launch this blog because of my fear of what people may think. But I realized, I launched this space for me and my own healing in hopes to encourage someone else.

On the flip side of that, of course there’s that 1% who had something negative to say or felt as if one of my posts was an attack on them. My advice for anyone who is in a space where they are telling their truth is to not let those from your past or any nay-sayers deter you from your craft and YOUR TRUTH. And understand that some people thrive off of negative energy, the past, and hate. Don’t fall into the trap. Continue to be great. And you know you are doing something right when negative Nancys and negative Nicks coming knocking at your door.

With that being said, February’s posts are dedicated to love…in some ways. Lessons in love, a Black couple, love of traveling. Here is a suggested order in which you should navigate my blog for February!

  1. Letter to My Ex
  2. For the Love of Being Single
  3. “The Only Thing That Stays Consistent is my Family and You”
  4. Black Folk DO Love to Travel
  5. London, Manchester, Paris, OH MY!
  6. Discrimination in Professional Workspaces

After that, please head over to the Special Spotlight section. If you are viewing from your mobile phone, click the MENU button at the top of your screen and select Special Spotlight. If you are viewing from your computer, it’s right at the top of the navigation bar. This month, I am highlighting some very special women! Tekita Bankhead, Natilie Williams, and Charae Jackson. Check out the money moves they are making and Queenin’ they do so effortlessly! Tekita talks about her role as an alcohol and other drug specialist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, while Charae guides us through her hair business and being a business ONWER, and Natilie SPEAKS about her role in the IT field in corporate America while giving back to students through presentations.

When I tell you, I know some AMAZING PEOPLE, I know some amazing people and I am excited for you all to learn a little more about these phenomenal women.

Some of March’s blog posts are going to be dedicated to survivors of sexual assault. Thank you to the 3 brave women who shared their story with me. If you want to share your story (with your name or anonymously) please complete this Google Link Time’s Up Google Link and I will help post your story on my blog. This is my way of helping you find your voice as I was able to find mine in last month’s blog.

Lastly, continue to provide feedback! And if you want to be a featured writer or a featured person on Special Spotlight for the coming months, let me know!

❤ Queen T

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