Firsttttt of ALL! #WakandaForever. Because if you didn’t see Black Panther yet, it would behoove you to get your priorities together as soon as possible. That movie was everything I needed in my Black History month. It connected the dots. The Black women in that movie were extraordinary. They were amazing. I almost snatched these bundles out my hair and gave it to the screen. I saw the movie twice in one night. Overall, it was just, my life.

Thank you for joining me for March’s posts. I honestly didn’t think I’d be writing this month because of everything I’ve been going through these past few weeks. When I sat down here to hit submit on all of my March posts, everything magically deleted. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had everything scheduled to be posted and wordpress usually saves your work. But not today. It let me edit and put my pictures together for three hours and decides to delete everything. But that’s okay. I am ensuring that I do all of my editing and writing right in Google Docs from now on.

This month’s post are very dear to me. I feel some are a little more controversial and some are more raw than my previous posts. My monthly letter is dedicated to a white woman named Jennifer because she was curious as to why my blog was geared toward Black women. I write about how people still hate Chris Brown. I am honored to share the stories of three brave women who are survivors of sexual assault. I open up about my mental health in a recap of my last week or so.

I encourage you to read for understanding.

A suggested reading order is below:

  1. A Letter to all the “Jennifers” out There
  2. Make the Most out of Professional Conferences
  3. We Wear the Mask – My (Black) Mental Health
  4. #ThemToo – Narrative of Survivors
  5. Black Panther Through a Critical Lens
  6. The Criminalization of Chris Brown

After you have read my original pieces, please head over to the Special Spotlight section. March’s Special Spotlight highlight DaNae Grubbs, a Black woman who works in the STEM field, a volunteer, and a travel guru! She also happens to be one my of best friends and her birthday is at the end of this month, March 24th! Then, we have Jonathan Mcgee, senior marketing director in the Graduate School of Political Mangement at The George Mason University. I am so proud of the work these two are doing.

Thank you to all who are faithful readers! Welcome to those new to my blog! I’d love your feedback on the posts on here or on my social media platforms! @Adjustyocrown. Remember, if you want to be a featured writer, contact me!

Enjoy, be blessed, and carry on!

❤ Queen T

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