My best friend Dominique became a mother on October 21, 2014, one day after her baby shower. I remember when Dominique told me she was pregnant. She hid it from me for a while. I went to visit her at her dad’s house and she was not her usual joking self with me. I asked her what was going on and at first she didn’t tell me. I told her that I was here for her whenever she was ready to talk. She finally told me she was pregnant.


I don’t know what its like to have a child. I can’t fathom what mothers go through on a daily basis to take care of someone other than themselves. The time that has to be put on hold because of your child. But I watch Dominique. Though I am not always there with her , I know she is doing what she can to provide for her daughter, Jordyn (I nicknamed Jordyn “Slim”). There is no rule book passed down from generation to generation on how to be a mother. You figure it out as you go. That’s what I admire about Dominique. Her ability to figure it out. Although she was raised by her father, that never stopped her these last 3 years being the best mom to Slim she can be.

IMG_7058One of the things I admire about Dom as a parent is her patience. Now, she may not think she has a lot of patience, but in my opinion she does. She’s been teaching Slim how to think for herself, tell the truth, and be a be an overall good person. I recall a story from May of 2017. It was Dominique’s birthday and we were getting ready to go meet our friend Jaleesha for breakfast. Dominique couldn’t find her keys. We were looking all over for them. She remembered sitting them on the dining room table and she asked Slim if she moved the keys. Slim said no and kept playing with her toys. As we continue looking, Dominique asks Slim again if she moved the keys and again she said no. After almost 30 minutes of searching, Dom looks down and finds her keys sitting on Slim’s tricycle. She had indeed, moved the keys. Clearly, Dom was upset. I would have been too. But, instead of yelling at Slim, Dominique had a stern conversation with her about honesty and not moving things that do not belong to her. That’s patience.

You see, I can’t speak for Dom and tell you how she feels about being a mom. I can only give you my outside perspective. I think she’s awesome. Every decision she makes , she makes it with Slim in mind. She’s setting up a good future for her child. Many people don’t think about starting early to plan for their child’s future, but Dominique did and is.

I’ve been taking mental notes for when I have a child one day. I want to be patient and supportive of my child as I’ve seen Dom be for Slim. I see a super woman in her. And she’s doing a really good job thus far.

Dominique, I love you. You are truly and amazing person and mother. Happy Mother’s Day.



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