I wanted to dedicate this month’s blog launch to mothers. Mother’s Day is May 13th so I wanted to pay homage to mothers out there how are taking care of business, not neglecting their children, and being wonderful human beings. Women give birth to the entire world and we owe our existence to every woman before us. But it’s not just about biological mothers. I understand that there are some out there who never had a relationship with their other. There are some who were raised by their grandmothers and call them mom. Whoever your mother figure is, make sure you embrace her and tell her thank you.

For 23 days, I featured a mother on my Adjust Yo Crown Facebook page and Instagram page. I want to thank those women who volunteered to be featured. Below, you will find all of their photos.  Each woman had their own thoughts about what being a mother means. I encourage you all to go check out their features but liking Adjust Yo Crown on Facebook or Following @adjustyocrown on instagram<3  Happy Mother’s Day to all!



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