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To be very honest, if I didn’t need social media to help promote my blog, I wouldn’t be on it anymore. There’s no perfect word to describe social media. But I’m still going to be sharing this same piece on all of my social media platforms right after I post this. However, I do know that social media is an infectious disease that billions of people all around the world posses. I’m one of the sick ones of us. I, too, have the illness that loves to scroll up on Instagram and like a few pictures, compare myself to a celebrity who doesn’t have to worry about paying their next bill, or go creep on people’s pages for no reason. I, too, click through 200 snapchat stories in 15 minutes and also watch only 5 of them for real. And I, too, have taken many-a-snapchat videos rapping or singing in my car with my seatbelt on. So, I get how sick the world is.

Social media has been the root of all evil since conception. I remember being bullied on social media growing up and also being a bully on social media growing up. It’s only gotten worse. Social media brought us murders on Facebook Live and the murder of people’s self-esteem in the comment sections. Random hair pages following you on IG. Social media brought us “sliding in the DMs” and exposing people. I’m not going to say that social media has been all bad. SM has given us movements like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter. It was a new way for the world to interact with each other. SM gave us Princess Cardi B and Jess Hilarious. And we can’t forget one of our first social media friends, Tom, from MySpace.

But how many of us could really do away with social media for an extended period of time? I know one person who went an entire year without it. I think the longest I’ve gone was a month. Like a disease, social media has spread into our lives in more ways than one. At work, we are either on social media for leisure or we’re on social media for work related activities. Our companies rely heavily on social media to reach diverse markets for their products or programs. We rely heavily on seeing what other people have going on because we’re bored at our desk. (I just stopped here to get on IG – see what I mean). We’ve passed this disease down to our youth. We have kids dying to get social media accounts or sneaking behind their parents backs and having them. I’ve seen kids cry because their parents said “no” to having an instagram. It’s that serious.

How do we get healthy? I honestly don’t think any amount of “break” from social media is going to heal us. I think that would take a full commitment to deleting all of your social media accounts forever. Like I said, though, social media is everywhere and if your job requires you to post on social media, there’s no escaping it. I do think there are ways to treat the infection over time:

  1. If you can’t get away from social media because of work, when you’re not at work, stay off of it. Give your brain time to reprogram and focus on other ways for you to be productive.
  2. If you are on vacation, only use your phone to text or call people. Take pictures with your regular camera instead of IG or snapchat. Or bring a polaroid camera since those are back in style now. Wait some months to post your photos on your pages when you decide to get back.
  3. Delete the apps off your phone. This way, you won’t be too tempted. Plus, we all know Facebook operates to it fullest trash potential on the Safari browser. The app is better.
  4. If you’re going to stay on social media, limit the amount of time you stay on it. Don’t snap the whole night out with your friends. Do a few snaps if you must then live in the rest of the moment for the evening. Spend real time with them while you are all alive to enjoy each other’s presence.
  5. Try not to project someone else’s life story onto yourself. This is something that I battle with all the time. You can compare all you want to, but another person’s life will never be yours. The sooner we start to accept this, the sooner we can start healing from the inside out.
  6. Everyone who smiling, ain’t happy. That’s all that needs to be said there.

Social media remedies may be different for you. Do what you think is best to aid in your healing process. I know I am going to find ways to get better about my social media usage this year. I encourage you to do the same.

❤ Queen T

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