Today, January 10, 2019 marks the one year anniversary of the launch of this blog, formally known as, AdjustYoCrown. This past year with this blog has been filled with mixed emotions. Most of the writing I’ve done for this has been in the privacy of my own place and on a corner of the couch with my legs tucked under each other and a glass or three of wine. Each time putting various energy levels into the pictures I tried to paint with my words. Every post conjured up a variety of emotions for me. Sometimes, I left a piece feeling refreshed and relaxed, other times I left not satisfied. And although I knew I felt those ways, I never could operationalize exactly what I meant. As I type this, I still cannot describe it. I just know the feeling when it happens. Nevertheless, writing for the blog was a leap of courage I did not know I had. I mean, who was I to think that I could write about my stories as ways to offer advice for others. On the flip side of that, I was really going to be sharing some very personal stories about myself. Things that only those close to me knew about…and other things they didn’t know about me. I was terrified.

I remember the night before I launched, January 9, 2018, I opened up my blog for a couple hours to allow my sorority sisters to go read some of the first things I wrote and to look around. I wanted their feedback. At first, I wasn’t sure if anyone saw the groupme message that I wrote with the link to I told them I was launching my blog the very next day and wanted to know their thoughts. Soon, comments started flooding the groupme. They gave me positive feedback, told me how great of a writer I was, and that they loved the stories I wrote. Some were surprised that the first stories were as deep as they were. I wrote about my miscarriage and my experience with sexual assault. Some of them even decided to not write in the group but to send me personalized text messages with their feedback. All of it was empowering and they urged me to keep writing. I don’t think they know but that was much of the amo I needed to stop being afraid to release it. I cried that night and called my dad who also gave me some encouraging words.

As the year went on, I gained a larger following. More people would message me about something I wrote and want to talk further or tell me how much they liked it. There were people who I didn’t even think read my blog would randomly see me in person and be like “Hey! I read your blog about xyz and it was so good!” It was a really affirming feeling. My blog made me feel like I had a voice when most of my life I felt unheard and unseen. This was my way of leaving my mark somewhere and hopefully on someone. My blog was for me to heal but it soon became a space were others could heal too.

So, of course a name change was not something I wanted to do, but something I had to do. I’m going to tell you why I HAD to do it, but then I’m going to tell you why I “had” to do it – the “look on the bright-side” reason. Well, I’ve been brainstorming ideas to make my blog more known and stand out for my one year anniversary. Without spoiling the ideas I had (I’m waiting to finalize some things before I say anything) I was researching how to trademark AdjustYoCrown. In the midst of my search, I found out that the name (spelled differently) was being used for a non-profit that offered a multitude of services. At that point, I was upset because I was really tied to my original blog name. I mean, that name was attached to all of the previous things that I wrote and all of the feelings I described at the beginning of this post. And yes, me being me, I cry at everything, so I’m balling crying texting my parents and a few of my friends. I did not want to change my name. But I knew I HAD to. I have too much integrity to be aware of something like that and decide to ignore it and move forward with my plans. Nah, that’s not me. I played around with many names and sent them to two of my friends who offered me some feedback. I wasn’t feeling any of the new ideas I came up with or the ones my friends did. The names didn’t click. It wasn’t until the next night when I chose The Crowned Series. The Crowned Series encompasses all of the components of “adjusting your crown” but now sends a bigger message. A series is something that continues with new lessons and new storylines and new cliffhangers. It is something that you expect to keep getting better with time. This blog is a place where perfect strangers are getting a glimpse into my life and the thoughts I have about various topics. But, the thing about my blog is, there is no series finale coming any time soon. I see my blog lasting as long as Law and Order SVU. 0_o That show been on for hella seasons. You get the point.

img_1844The reason I “had” to change my name was because of what my friends share with me. It’s my one year anniversary, a name change came at the right time. New year, new name. New opportunities. I was on the phone with my friend Nathan and I was telling him what was going on because I had questions about trademarking and he said something the resonated with me. I don’t remember what he said verbatim but to paraphrase he said something along the lines of, “You can take the adjustyocrown name away but that doesn’t erase the content. That doesn’t take away from the people who follow your blog and what they’ve got out of it…” Something like that he said. Basically, AdjustYoCrown was just a name but my writing/blog in general is irreplaceable. He was right. So, I “had” to change it. That was the bright side of the name change. I’m eager to see the growth of my blog in 2019. This name change is just one of many ways that I hope to spice my blog up this year.

Cheers to more lessons, more growth, and more writing in 2019


❤ Queen T

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