Written By Mesha G., – Official Contributor of The Crowned Series

I’ve allowed my heart to love. Now, before everyone thinks this is all about a guy, it really isn’t because it’s about so much more.  I’ve allowed myself to love me and everyone around me. Moving through life with love is way different that what many would anticipate, it’s freeing, a little scary but definitely freeing once it’s been embraced.  

Recently, a couple of my girls and I began a book club and our first read is a book dedicated to loving yourself and finding the love you want.  The read was definitely insightful and challenged me in a way I wasn’t anticipating on being challenged. How we navigate through life are indications of if we are moving through life with love or not. The way we decide to handle adversities are a direct display of how we ultimately feel about ourselves and how we view ourselves. We can believe and lie to ourselves saying that we are living life through love but can be driven more by anxiety or fear.  

When we navigate life through fear, we are always in fight or flight mode.  One of my favorite quotes that I have on my work monitor is “when you are going to stop living in survival mode?”  This particular quote was in reference to how we overwork ourselves so I kept this around after I heard it because I continued to find myself making decisions as if I didn’t have my feet on the ground. Living in fear or anxiety rather than love creates emotional dissonance.  We aren’t empathetic or compassionate to others, we tend to listen to respond rather than listen to recieve, amongst a host of other things that create an unhealthy existence for us. And if we do find ourselves in empathetic or compassionate places, it may be very easy to be walked over because it became an avenue for approval. 

I didn’t realize how moving through life without love meant that I was cutting myself short of so many opportunities; the opportunity to be truly and internally joyful rather than just a delightful person for others to be around. The opportunity to not be mad about shit that I cannot control or embrace being mad and letting it go. And the opportunity to let go of skepticism that life gifts us with. Throughout the more recent experience I’ve had learning how to live through love, I’ve learned so much about myself and how to react (or not react) with others.  Most importantly, I’ve learned how to choose me in the midst of all of the demands of the world without guilt. Moving through life with love is so underrated.

 Mesha G., Official Contributor of The Crowned Series


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