Written By Mesha G., – Official Contributor of The Crowned Series

As the world celebrates the lives of Kobe and Gigi Bryant, the last week of February and a month after their passing, I still find myself with polarizing feelings.  On one hand, I am completely heartbroken. Their deaths were nothing shy of a tragedy and horrid to hear. I mourned their deaths as if I knew them. I consistently found myself in tears and questioned (as I always do) what makes God decide when you’ve done a good job on Earth and calls you home.

On the other hand… I am compelled by their legacies and have the utmost admiration for “The Ultimate Girl Dad”, huge shit talker, ball hog, fantastic basketball, and his daughter. I would be remiss if I didn’t call out a few things before I continue:

1. I’m not the biggest  basketball fan. However, whenever I attend an NBA game, I’m all in; the TV sidelines don’t do it for me. That said, MJ vs Kobe debate.. Kobe. LeBron vs Kobe debate… KOBE. I’ve always been a stan from afar throwing out arbitrary facts from clips on ESPN or the nightly news when necessary. Sometimes, I landed myself a winning argument, others, I googled until I became right. 

2. I am very aware of the “complicated” person that Kobe may be to some people but I’ve intentionally chosen to recognize and praise him and his daughter for their impact on the world.

Which leads me back to how compelling their legacies are and how just within a month, has impacted me exponentially and even more so than my superficial fangirl moments.  There are some things about Kobe that’s just undeniable and he instilled in his children at such a young age. Yesterday’s success wasn’t enough for today.  The push and drive that he had to be better than what he was yesterday was consistent energy and the definition of perseverance.  

Basketball was just a vessel that displayed his purpose.  Although most of us, me included, have bragged about his ferocious and relentless skills on the court, Kobe lived a life of legacy and helping others and living in his purpose.  His energy has inspired me to be a better person. Now, I definitely don’t want to play basketball, got hit in the face once in 5th grade and barely ever wanted to pick up a ball again.  But I’ve been inspired to live within my purpose daily. To become a better person than I was the day before. To reconsider the 4ams and how I dedicate my time to my craft. To ensure that with or without children of my own, my legacy will continue after my days on Earth. To use every opportunity as an opportunity to grow.  To be an infectious perfect that breathes life unto others. 

Greatness is subjective, but most of us know when we’re half assing something… giving 1,000 percent to doing what you’re calling is, is greatness. Not giving up is greatness. Being intentional with your actions in a way that helps you achieve your goals is greatness. Challenging yourself is greatness.  Before anyone contests me, you don’t need to be rich to live in your purpose and to strive for greatness. I’m not rich yet but I find ways daily to ensure that I’m living in my purpose and investing in myself with small contributions to become a better me.

It’s quite strange, for the lack of better words, to be so inspired by someone’s death to do all you can to live in your own purpose and to do it wholeheartedly and fully. Many celebrities that I’ve had some sense of admiration for have passed and this one is one that hit differently for me. It’s one that hits many people.  And that’s when I realized that no matter what God has called me to do within my time on Earth, I, too, can (and will continue to) live a life of purpose and drive.

Mesha G., Official Contributor of The Crowned Series


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