Written By Vica., – Official Contributor of The Crowned Series

We must do what we can to protect the interest of public health. 

COVID-19, a virus that has sent the world into a frenzy and flipped everything upside down. Life as we know it will change forever, and I’m not even trying to over exaggerate. Gas prices are down to $1.96 a gallon, restaurants, bars, schools, hotels, and almost every other place where large numbers of people congregate have been shut down until further notice. Graduation has been canceled/postponed for High Schools and Universities all across the nation. For many seniors students, this means that they won’t have the much-anticipated celebration they’ve worked so hard for. Even though it’s a tough time for all of us, we must do what we can to protect the interest of public health. 

Still, we must all identify, address, and share our feelings to maintain our mental health as well. That’s the beauty of the era we live in now. Not even 20 years ago, if this would have happened, we wouldn’t have the hundreds of outlets to utilize to connect with one another. I count myself extremely fortunate to have access to online video chats, text messaging, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. I am able to connect with friends that live a few states away and family that lives across the equator.

Not to mention the other platforms for entertainment. I’m sure streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have seen a soar in profit due to everyone being at home. Personally, I’ve started 3 new shows already and it hasn’t even been a week since self-isolation has started! (I probably need to chill before I run out of programs to watch).

Apart from working remotely from home for my on-campus job (which I am so grateful for the option to continue to work), I find that I am returning to do the things that I used to before starting college. Growing up, my mother put me in a compendium of activities to give me not only to hone in my talents,  but also to provide me with many outlets to choose from when I needed to decompress. For example, the tactile arts. A few weeks ago, I dried some flowers and leaves but completely forgot about them because of all the schoolwork I had to do. Just last night, I used them to decorate my journal. I’ve also taken this time to rediscover my love for photography as well. One would be surprised at how many things in the home there are to get creative with. 

Being at home for an extended amount of time is a breeding ground for innovation. I implore everyone to try something new. Maybe read that book you’ve always wanted to but never had the time. Practice meditation, do at-home workouts, draw/ write your feelings, reconnect with your loved ones. Below is a list of other ways you can make this time a little less monotonous. 

* Side note, if you do choose to go out, make sure to support your local business! They are struggling without corporate funds. Tip a little extra (if you can), and treat others with the same amount of kindness and respect you would give to the person you love the most. 

How to Pass the Time

  • Deep clean your home
  • Reorganize/ change the setup of your home
  • Start to learn a new language (Mandarin and Spanish are some of the most commonly used in the international setting. German is also the business language of Europe.)
  • Connect (virtually) with a friend or a family member.
  • Journal; years from now it’ll be a way this time will be remembered.
  • Find new recipes and make them! 
  • Take a breath outside, if possible. Even though we must practice social distancing, it’s important to get your Vitamin D and fresh air!
  • Keep up with school/work (Even though our schedules have been extremely modified, don’t slack. It’s important to keep some kind of routine.)
  • Lastly, practice self-love. Whether that’s painting your nails, have a spa night, or watching your favorite movie, pay extra attention to yourself!

Vica, Official Contributor of The Crowned Series

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