Written By Mesha, – Official Contributor of The Crowned Series

I struggled with what I wanted to write about this month.  I recently turned 30, it’s a freaking pandemic, and what we know as life has been flipped upside down. Before all of this, I created a vision of how I wanted my life to be and of all the things I wanted to do. And my heart kept pushing me to write about my bi-polar relationship with success.   I drafted (let’s say a) memo to myself over a year ago. The memo pushed me on the days I wanted to keep on going, but the fear that usually leads me to jump into something headfirst became fear that left me unmoved and paralyzed. I wanted to share it with you all today as we can all take pieces of my self-motivation talk. 

Admittedly, parts of our fear now aren’t about success necessarily, and it may be more about survival during the times that we are living in.  I still find value in what I told myself a year ago… maybe we shouldn’t book that flight quite yet, but we should always find value in our lives and shape our narratives as best as we can.  We are LIVING at home.  If anything, social distancing has taught me is the world doesn’t want to stop, so we must continue to evolve. We must continue to remember ourselves.  We must keep going. I hope you all enjoy the message below!

Hypothetically, we all want to make it, right? Whatever that means to us, we all want to either make a lot of money or enough to be comfortable, be happy, and have some purpose in life.

So, to make it, we chase our dreams and strategically make moves in life that align with our goals to get us where we want to be. I feel that there are times where we know that we can be successful, and we choose not to be out of fear.

Fear of success is real. The fear of actually making it is real. Because once you make it, expectations that you have for yourself changes in addition to the expectations that others have of you. You essentially leveled up, and you KNOW it would be a detriment to go backward in life, and sometimes, you can’t go back to that comfortable place.

The fear of success is worse than the fear of failure because with the fear of success, you know you can do it. But the change of it all is terrifying because it consists of a path you haven’t walked yet.

 One of my friends and I had a series of conversations back to back about our goals. My goals were geared toward my business plans. I wish to execute one day, and hers was about the possibility of a job change. At the core of what both of us vented to another was the fear of it working. Knowing that what’s comfortable would be shifted, all the “what-if’s” occurred. A legit concern that I had that makes absolutely no sense as I type it is, “what if it becomes too much and I can’t have my side hustle and my job?” The goal is to work for yourself! Or at least mine is at some point in my life.

We scare and intimidate ourselves with doubt of accomplishing our goals and miss out on incredible opportunities to make our dreams come true. The fear of success can be paralyzing. 

Taking life by the horns and going for it can be scary, but it is all worth it. So apply for that job, start that business, go to the gym, eat something you always wanted but haven’t tried, book that flight, sis! Whatever your heart desires, …do not paralyze your future with fears.

COVID may have us paralyzed now, the fires in our bellies must not die.  For those of you like me with business dreams, HP, General Motors, Burger King, Microsoft, CNN, EA Games, Uber, Venmo, Groupon, and Airbnb were all birthed out of recessions.  Again, I get it… right now is a little bit different, but if I relied on this inspiration a lot during our social distancing, so I figured it could inspire others too.  Whatever you decide to do, whether that starts a revolution, a business, a book, or cutting a person out of your life, I get that it can all be scary, but making the first step is all worth it.

Mesha, Official Contributor of The Crowned Series

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