Written By Aspen, – Official Contributor of The Crowned Series

A few months ago while watching Insecure, I found myself constantly intrigued by the pre-show advertisements for the show that would be debuting in the next time slot. The show sounded scary and I hate to be scared but it was created by Michaela Coel. Coel has been one of my favorite actresses and creatives ever since I watched her show Chewing Gum (based on her stage show Chewing Gum Dreams), a British sitcom starring Coel as the main character Tracey Gordon who was endlessly forming schemes to try to lose her virginity. The show was hilarious to say the least and something that never lost its fun factor even on my third or fourth re-watch. Since then Michaela Coel has found herself in more serious work such as Black Earth Rising and Black Mirror but this latest work has the menacing title of I May Destroy You.

I decided to give it a try solely based on my love for Michaela Coel. I watched the first episode when it aired and it soon became clear that the show is centered on the reckoning and processing of a sexual assault incident experienced by the main character (played by Coel herself). Although I am not caught up on the show due to life, I am looking forward to watching the two episodes that I missed soon. Each episode that I have watched thus far tells a different story both, past and present, that adds more context to what you already know. It highlights the millennial experience through commentary about social media use and the often discussed concept of self care to address real-world topics including sexual assault, the debate around misreporting, masculinity and stigma surrounding sexual assault reporting amongst men, a shortage of resources and lack of justice for sexual assault survivors, and the range of emotions and reactions felt  not only by someone who has been sexually assaulted but also those they disclose to.   

The show is groundbreaking as it will make you laugh, cry, and question your own life experiences in a 30-minute block. Michaela Coel’s push to center people of color while also subtly emphasizing the ways that intersectionality plays a vital role in their experiences is beautifully interwoven. You soon realize that each of the characters is processing their own unique experience and the disclosure of the main character’s experience has a rippling effect on each of their own lives. It really highlights a sense of community and the different areas in life that we can find community and what that may mean in different contexts.

Coel’s work as an actor and creator continues to floor me and I look forward to seeing how the series continues to unfold over the next few weeks. Although some serious content warnings are warranted I highly recommend this show to anyone who is looking for a realistic approach to navigating some of these topic areas, many of which are still not discussed enough in our day to day.

Aspen, Official Contributor of The Crowned Series

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