Introducing our newest writer: BREIGH!

Written By Breigh, – Official Contributor of The Crowned Series

In times like these (and I mean times that feel chaotic, hopeless, tragic, uncertain), I often find myself wondering: “How the hell are we going to make it through this?” 

Times are hard, y’all. But as I was watching the OG Kings of Comedy one night, I found the answers to all of life’s problems delivered to me through Steve Harvey. 

In his skit about the Titanic, he said: “If that movie would’ve been about Black people, wouldn’t have even been no movie!” 

And have you ever heard a truer statement in your life?

But seriously, it made me realize that no matter the situation, Black folks always find a way to make it through and out. I mean, come on now, imagine Black people on the Titanic. 

It’s because Black people are creative af. 

My definition of creativity is literally creating something out of nothing— or taking something good and making it great. Thinking outside of the box.

The evidence is painfully clear. We’re pros at it. 

Let me provide you with some receipts and you can use yourself as the subject of your own experience. 

Take for instance… struggle meals. Don’t act like you’re too above this and haven’t had to make gourmet ramen noodles numerous times in your life. Personally, I add a little soy sauce, vinegar, chop up some tomatoes…. Bussing. What about you? 

Oh, and my favorite creative expression from Black people is the infamous Fabuloso in a pot over the stove… 

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I feel bad for you. But I’ll explain so that you can  indulge in this greatness as well… 

So, instead of buying candles or some other smell-good device, Black people take fabuloso (the all-purpose cleaner) and simmer it in a pot over the stove. Ugh, I can smell it now. 

If I’m not driving my point home yet, think of hairstyles, clothes, cars, dances, art, music, food…. WE are creativity; creativity is US. 

For centuries, Black people have had to learn how to make something out of nothing which has allowed us the opportunity to continue to survive and thrive in this country and this world. Our ancestors literally created an Underground Railroad that wasn’t even a railroad… come on now!

And would literally have hidden messages about the Underground Railroad in the songs they sang right in front of their “masters.”– COME ON NOW! 

It’s been what has kept us afloat

It’s been what has kept us hopeful. 

It’s been what has kept us vibrant.

It’s been what has kept us alive.

So, today I challenge you to tap into that gift that you already have–That which was gifted to you from your ancestors.. And use it

Don’t just rest on your creativity when you are in survival mode and have no other options. Tap into it with each and every chance you get, because that’s what it’s going to take for you to thrive in this world. 

Proactively tapping into your creativity can look many different ways. For me, often times it looks like thinking through “similar” or “normal” circumstances with a lens of curiosity of if I should approach this differently than last time. “What would happen if I did A instead of B this time? I’ve always done B.” 

Another conversation I have with myself is: “I know A has never been done like this before, but I wonder if this will work.” 

But my favorite is: “People are always doing A, I’m going to do B and see what happens.”

Think outside of the box. 

The box that the world puts you in. 

The box that society puts you in…

The box that your family puts you in..

Your friends…

Shoot, even yourself. 

Think outside of all that and finesse your life like you finesse these men and these wigs. 

May your creative juices continue to flow and water the seeds to help you survive, grow and thrive in this life. 

Breigh, Official Contributor of The Crowned Series

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