Written By Ca$h, – Official Contributor of The Crowned Series

Now, ya’ll. I have some pretty big news that I had hoped to be sharing on the other side of some country lines… I’ve been accepted to study in Canada this fall as a student in Social Psychology. I’ve been planning this change in my life for months and have been counting down the days until this challenging, yet exciting transition would be happening.

Today, as of Wednesday September 2nd, none of the plans that I’ve been working on have gone the way they should have. I start classes on Monday and I am not in Canada.

Why am I sharing this? Well, this month’s blog post was going to be a beautiful rendition of transformation. I was going to touch on what change looks like and how will power, planning, and gracious grit go into life transitions. I was excited to talk about preparation and using mindful practices to make great decisions. Instead, I’m going to be touching on something quite different. Yet, as I am writing this I realize that much of the same characteristics are needed for both the joy that I expected and the reality that we are experiencing. 

Coronavirus happened to us. We all came across some sort of life pause or change. For me, this meant that the plans that I had created to make my transition as easy as possible were futile. This meant that the money that I had saved for the transition from a full-time mid-management position back to a student was used as a safety net. This meant that the months of gathering paperwork, supplies, and travel preparations were put on hold indefinitely. This meant paying for my condo and my uninhabited apartment at the same time. This meant moving my mindset from the will to achieve and having the will to survive.

The will to survive is not always what we see in the story lines. American media tells us that we as main characters in our own odyssey go on epic life quests that determine our resilience and our capacity for heroism. We are shown these extreme fight scenes, death, and life destruction that the main character must go through and survive in order to come out on the other side better. And in a way, we start to believe that the only time that we are allowed to be the hero of our survival story is by defeating some large ethereal quest that the universe has placed before us to make us stronger. 

In reality, life isn’t some epic story that has grandiose plots. Truthfully, it is just what it is. We go through a bunch of small things that tear us down all the time and too often we don’t acknowledge that sometimes the smallest things make the biggest breaks. Over the past few months, what I have realized from this time frame we are in is that life just sucks at times. There will be periods in our lives where we can’t overcome the obstacles to be our own heroes. Sometimes, it gets to a point where all the small things we endure put us in a position to decide that the only thing that we have to give the world today is this breath – is just another moment to be present. And truthfully – Why are we not celebrating that? 

When I had to change my mindset from achieving a grandiose goal to surviving for the current time being, I don’t mean that I gave up on joy, creativity or the beautiful things in life. I mean that I had to make a choice in what mattered to me right now. I had to sit back and think about what resilience really looked like. Was my happiness and worth tied to getting to Canada? Or, is just waking up to fight another day going to be good enough for me. That distinction is something that I am happy to be cultivating to carry on deeper into my life. In times where it seems that we don’t have the big things to celebrate – the joy of a move, the change of a job or career, the excitement of a relationship, can we just celebrate waking up? Can we just celebrate our breath? Can we celebrate our will to survive the next moment, hour, day? It won’t always be like this. We will have exciting goals that give us pieces of purpose. But, true grit, true resilience, and true joy really does come from finding the constants in the smallest forms of life. I hope today that this post just reminds you that whatever you did today – even if it’s just waking up, you are celebrated for!

Ca$h, Official Contributor of The Crowned Series


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