Written By Ca$h, – Official Contributor of The Crowned Series

The New Year can serve as a symbolic ritual of shedding old habits, thoughts, and people, and moving into a newer space. We usually see mountains of posts and photos in our media feeds commemorating this parabolic transition shouting “new year, new me,” “summer body loading,” and “cutting people off.” I, in no way, am against people leading their minds with new affirmations into brave spaces. This is part of what I teach! However, this New Year symbolizes something deeply important that I hope we are all looking to remember as a part of our resolutions – resilience and care. As a practitioner, I hope to share some mindful ways of grounding, settling, and moving into 2021 with renewed spirit.

First and foremost, it is immensely important that I mention to you that if you are not in space to do anything but “be” as we make this transition, that is your divine right. No where in the handbook of life were we given a manuscript on how to survive multiple pandemics at the same time and thrive. I do believe that no matter what everyone’s current circumstances are, we as a people are built to be strong and buoyant. You will thrive and I am wishing that into your journey. But, if it’s not your time BAYBE I am affirming that! Rest. Sleep. Do nothing.

If you are looking to add some different ingredients to your resolution repretuare, here are 3 mindful suggestions to get you started:

  1. Sit STILL. This one is going to come as a shock for a lot of people, but the best way to ground yourself and begin fresh for the next chapter is to sit down, be still, and listen. Listen to your emotions. Allow yourself to be silent and in the dark. You will have revelations that you probably have never considered. They might be painful, and this okay! Healing starts with awareness. However, I guarantee you that if you allow yourself to listen to what you’ve been too “busy” to sit with, you will find some of the greatest business plans, inventions, art, and creativity that you hadn’t given yourself space to manifest. Which brings me to number 2. 
  2. What have you learned?: Take the time to jot down some thoughts of what you have learned this past year as a survivor. Are there any particular things that you never considered that were shown to you? Take those notes and create a vision board or journal about your learnings and how they can translate into what might come next for you! However (and this is important) do not try to take on too many things at once. Change comes moment by moment. It is a choice, and if we bog ourselves down with too many choices we become overwhelmed. Let your vision manifest by first seeing it and naming it. If that’s all you can do over these next few months that will be more than enough to get your vision moving.
  3. Listen to your body. Your body is a tool that was created so that you can be the best human being possible. It is jam packed with SO many antennas, languages, and physical “stimulus packages”. Our bodies are constantly trying to speak to us and give us signals as to what we need. When you’re hungry, you should eat. When your body is figgity, go on a walk or dance. When you’re sad, try reaching out to friends (as studies have shown that social relationships, especially now, are one of the most important components to our happiness). Let your community nourish you…The main lesson here is to connect with your body and allow it to show you what you need. We spend so much time trying to fix our bodies, by eating correctly or going to the gym. As a master of kinesiology, I would remiss to tell you those things aren’t important. However, as a human being who studies the body, mind, and spirit – what you need the most right now is to just give yourself the best possible platform to thrive. And, caring for your body by giving it what it needs can help you do that. So, my suggestion would be to stay away from weight or eating specific resolutions and instead just open your life goal this year to listen and be in touch with what your body needs.

My charge to you as we transition into this new year is to try these three things, if you have the capacity ,and see what comes from it. Take time to make this a part of your schedule over the next few weeks, watching yourself and giving your body, mind, and spirit time to make meaning of the past year, sit with things that come up, and settle into what will come. 

Much love to you all and Happy New Year!

– Ca$h, Official Contributor of The Crowned Series

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