Written By Ca$h, – Official Contributor of The Crowned Series

I am a comic book fan! Have been since I was a little girl. I used to sneak up to the “attic” in our old house, open my dad’s comic book boxes and read until my heart was content. DC became a staple in my household. Needless to say I was excited to hear that DC was trying to make a comeback through live action films after Justice League. On December 25th, I curled up under my bob’s burgers blanket, got my glass of wine, made a charcuterie platter, and let my eyes well with excitement to watch Wonder Woman 1986 with my sister-friend. By minute 47 I was in utter disappointment and by the end of the movie I was actually angry. Wonder Woman, half Amazonian woman/half literal goddess, had been reduced to a common fairytale princess in need of rescue from her love-twisted story – foundationalized by her powers being defined by a man. And listen, it wasn’t that we didn’t like the fact that Steve Trevor came back to life. We just wanted him to be an ass-kicking side kick and not the plots center to Diana’s story.

To be fair, I had a similar reaction to the first movie as well. DC is known for creating slow-moving origin stories; this part didn’t bother me. I understood that she was “new” to the world in this plot and so could be considerably naive; this didn’t bother me either and the action was GREAT. However, Wonder Woman – Diana MF Prince, didn’t learn or accept her true power until the end of the movie when her beau was killed. Many people didn’t catch it, many people weren’t bothered by it. I allowed myself to be content. Fast forward to 2020 (1986) and you give us an entire movie with little action, a sorry plot, and once again a story line based on romantic love. This lasso wielding goddess became weak, lost her powers, and had to be convinced to “give up” her dead boyfriend that she knew for all of 5 days in another man’s body in order to defeat the Mayan God of trickery. The invisible plane (that I knew was coming and was excited to experience) came from a comedic relief scene where a man was the pilot. Wonder Woman, who was granted flight by another god, learned that she could fly in a love-drenched scene on her way to battle by remembering a quote that her partner said about a plane. Come on man! Did the writers of this movie ever even pick up a comic book? Who was this written for? BUT, that’s beside the point. 

The point my ladies and gents is this:

Why we always gotta have a man to define our powers?

I am a woman. I am strong, independent, graceful, and badass. I am allowed to be a woman all on my own. As little girls, we grow up being told in every form of media, books, poetry, that our roles in life are secondary and that we are designed to give birth, create family, and be content in life with these roles. Although men may not see this, it’s true. This movie is the perfect example. Watching this with another woman, all we could comment on was how disappointing it was to see the movie show a heroine, who is phenomenal in her own right, repeatedly defined in a story line by another man. The saddest part about this is the covert societal imprint that keeps getting washed into our brains over and over, so much so that we don’t even realize that we are willing pawns in this patriarchal scheme. Our messaging is constantly telling us that women’s roles need to be romanticised and that we are immoral for fighting against it. Our culture continues to spew these sometimes hurtful and harming lies that make it seem as though we as women cannot achieve the full joy of life without a partner, a family, or simply giving in. Wonder woman – the Amazonian warrior, crowned queen of the justice league, badass superhero was truthfully willing to give up her power for “love”. And, no one saw the hypocrisy? Barbara, or more accurately Cheetah, this amazing villain who they don’t give us enough of supposedly loses her humanity in a scene where she was almost harassed by the same man who tried to assault her not days earlier. And, no one saw the hypocrisy?

Movie writers, producers, creatives, here’s some advice – stop romanticizing women’s story lines. Romcoms and romantic novels are made for that. We will read or watch those if and when we choose! But we want movies that tell a story, that’s it. We want superheroes that beat odds and beat up bad people, that’s it. Every woman does not want to be reminded every time she watches a film that romantic love is needed in order to have a full life. That’s simply not true and in some cases actually damaging. Want to help us demolish the pains of patriarchy? Just write a story – DAS IT. We deserved an ass-kicking Wonder Woman from jump to end, period. We deserved all the glory of Carol Davers with the added bombshell Goddess worthy of gallantries that Diana Price embodies. Next time, give us a movie that shows us why girls run the world and why women are the first world wonders.

– Ca$h, Official Contributor of The Crowned Series

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