Image obtained from Google: Shout out to Saved by the Bell of the 1990s


I’m convinced that America needs some extensive years in rehab and never ending Narcotics Anonymous sessions. This country has been getting high off racism since colonization and quite frankly it’s a generational addiction. And I’m sick of it.

Last night’s elections in Florida and Georgia, two states that for had a yearning to be free of racism’s fumes, somehow found their way back to the drug dealers. And here we are. I just moved to Florida back in September and I was so excited to potentially be living in a state with a Black governor who believed in the things I believed in. One day, I was driving through the outskirts of Tampa and I saw a huge Confederate Flag flowing with hatred in the air. I was anxious for Andrew Gillum to win this election so we could stare hatred in the face and tell it “no more”. But sure enough as the days got closer, the Head Dealer in Charge, the 45th president of the U.S. (I still refuse to speak his awful name) rallied up his minions to release hate back into our communities. I mean, we’ve known racism and bigotry has existed before 45 got into office, but it’s been made clear that it’s not safe for anyone who isn’t the majority. Gillum’s opponent made it clear after the primaries that “monking” things up was a problem. The autobot messages that Stacey Abrams received elucidated that racism was alive and kicking.

In 1971, former President Richard Nixon declared the “War on Drugs” and said that drugs were “public enemy number one” (History, n.d.). I disagree. Yes, drugs are bad, kids don’t do drugs. But racism is actually public enemy number one and we must criminalize it like Nixon’s War on Drugs policy of the 1970s disproportionately criminalized and targeted communities of color. We must stare it in the face and fight back against the toxins it continues to spew into our youth and into our communities. Racism is so bad, that it even has Black people inhaling its poison. Look at Stacey Dash, for example.  -__- Or, let’s talk about how I heard and saw Black people making excuses as to why they decided not to vote. Yeah, y’all had to be inebriated to think that not voting was better than actual voting. When you don’t vote, it’s one less vote to our freedom, to change. When you don’t vote, you don’t get a say in the laws that potentially affect you and your family in the long run. Racists want you to turn away from the polls. They are happy that you made a decision to keep your voice in the margins. That gives them more ammunition to win these elections and to continue to disenfranchise our people. For Florida, it was able to keep the Stand Your Ground law, a law that unjustifiably is an excuse for white people to shoot and kill people of color.

Last night while results were coming in, I texted one of my friends (Heyyyy Tekita! y’all go follow @PedestalProject on all social media platforms btw) and told her that these elections are just one example as to why I don’t ever refer to myself as ‘American’ or as Black people are categorized ‘African American’. How can I take pride in a country that does not value me as a human? It’s as if we are still 3/5ths of a person or something. How can I stand for an anthem that was written during times where my ancestors were in bondage and salute a flag that is a symbol of white supremacy? Of course, I am ‘American’ by birthright, but I’ve never felt connected. Elections are times were I try to feel ‘American’ and let my voice be heard so I can do my part as a citizen that can help myself and others from marginalized communities. Every election I show up to make a change and honor those who literally died for me to have this right. So, no. I don’t call myself African American, I always refer to myself as a Black woman.

America, I need y’all to put the pipe down and seek some help to rid you of the infestation that has consumed you for hundreds of years.

Until racism is permanently eradicated from this country, we cannot say that we are the greatest country on the planet. We cannot walk around like we run shit when we don’t have our shit together. The only way we can get some peace is to be willing to learn about cultural differences and ways to support others.

Because we can’t Make America Great Again when it never was great. The only way to make it great is to get clean.

❤ Queen T

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