A19F8D5A-4653-444B-B2DC-2C9940196705.jpegHave you ever felt like you were drowning without being submerged in water? I have. I am. My only outlet is to write. But… I can’t write about what is making me feel like I’m drowning until it’s all said and done. Keeping the faith is something I should have been working on long before I got to this point. Long before the odds started working against me. I never thought I’d end up here. With no concrete idea of why or how I found myself in this situation I’m in. No one to help me outside of my family and a few friends. Keeping it all together and pretending nothing is going on when people ask me how I’m doing. “Im drowning!!!!” is what I want to yell in response. “Send help, fast…quick.”

No matter the outcome, I won’t stop fighting for what’s right, for what I believe in, for others in my position.

God is testing my faith in Him. I need to keep my eye on Him and his purpose for my life. I have a testimony that’s waiting to bless someone else…after I come up for air.

Trying to find my crown so I adjust it.



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